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畢業於臺灣大學醫學院職能治療學系、現任麻省理工學院藝術、文化與科技研究生。近年創作著重反向操作生物科技的語彙與方法探討人類作為共生體,對非人類生命體的義務與責任。曾參與策展,展覽於國立台灣美術館數位方舟與台灣福利社,作品曾獲高雄獎、全國美術獎,入圍全國美術展、台北美術獎、台北數位藝術獎,亦於澳洲 (Symbiotic A)、巴賽隆納 (、馬德里 (MedialabPrado) 及荷蘭 (V2 動態媒體中心) 駐村。

HsuRae  (she/they/it) is an artist and educator from Taipei, Taiwan, currently based in New York, United States. Their practice is research-based and materially-informed, spanning across multiple disciplines and materials; from hot glass to fibroblasts, passports to fecal sports. Working with the MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative, her recent works speculate on microbial ethics within interplanetary travel, reconstructed against narratives of colonization. It is currently working on a book that explores the notion of a “living archive” of contamination and incorporation. A performance of endosymbiosis in microgravity. A film on alternative cosmologies regarding the celestial and its extended voyages. It holds a Masters of Science in Art, Culture, and Technology from MIT, and currently teaches at Parsons, The New School and SVA.

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