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Nancy Dayanne Valladares

Nancy Dayanne Valladares (b.1991) 來自宏都拉斯的德古西加巴 (Tegucigalpa),為跨領域藝術家及電影工作者。她的作品致力於處理植物性想像的建構及之中的幽靈。受化學民族誌、批判性植物研究和未來主義影響,其影像實踐探討光學工具的構成,及其伴隨的視覺機制。她的創作近距離檢驗了攝影與植物性想像、化學遺產的歷史糾纏。她在芝加哥藝術學院取得了美術學士學位,並在麻省理工學院獲得藝術文化與科技的碩士學位。她近期為哈佛大學電影研究中心的研究員,也是麻省理工學院跨媒體敘事計劃 Fialkow 研究員,現駐村於德紹包浩斯校舍。她的作品曾展覽及放映於麻省理工 Sakiya 學院 (巴勒斯坦) 、Wiesner 藝廊、Chuquimarca 計劃、歌德學院 Sullivan 藝廊、德紹包浩斯、芝加哥藝術學院、亞洲藝術研究所及 Roman Susan 藝廊。

Nancy Dayanne Valladares (b.1991) is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Her work grapples with the constructions of vegetal imaginaries and the specters that lie within. Influenced by discourses on chemoethnography, critical plant studies, and speculative futurism, her image-based practice delves into the formation of optical tools and their accompanying visual regimes. Her practice closely examines photography’s historical entanglement with botanical imaginaries and chemical legacies.
Valladares completed her Bachelor in Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Masters of Science in Art, Culture and Technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was recently a Fellow at Harvard University’s Film Studies Center, A Fialkow Fellow from the Transmedia Storytelling Initiative at MIT, and a resident at Bauhaus Dessau. Her work has been exhibited and screened at Massachusett’s Institute of Technology, Sakiya (Palestine), Weisner Gallery, Chuquimarca Projects, Sullivan Galleries Goethe Institute, Bauhaus Dessau, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Research House for Asian Art, and Roman Susan Gallery.

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